Thursday, 24 September 2015

Customer Review - Elliott Long, 1st Time Practical Test Pass, 21st Sep 2015

Elliott Long - !st time Practical Driving Test Pass, 21st Sep 2015

"I was given a gift voucher for my 17th Birthday and enjoyed the lesson that I decided to stay with the MPH Driving Academy.  I found the experience of learning to drive challenging at times.  I expected that I would be able to drive near instantly, I was definitely wrong!!   However, when I found something hard I was given clear help and guidance which made it easy to understand and get to grips with.  I found Mark's teaching methods great - it got me through my test 1st time so I think that speaks for itself.  I would definitely recommend MPH Driving Academy to others, as they got me through my test at what was a very difficult time in my life".

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